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Panel Upgrades

Electrical Service Panel Upgrades in Haltom City, TX. WDS Electric Inc provides reliable panel upgrades throughout Tarrant County, TX | 682-707-5746


Electrician Services in Tarrant County, TX

Panel Upgrades

If you find your circuit breakers tripping more frequently with so many electrical devices plugged in throughout your home, chances are you need to add a few more electrical circuits to different rooms. During an inspection, WDS Electric Inc will look into your breaker panel and test the load of each circuit and also determine if your panel can hold a few more breakers. If your electrical system is out of date and needs to be replaced, which is the usually the case for most older homes, you will most likely require a panel upgrade that can handle your home’s power needs.

Having your service panel replaced with a more current model will not only keep your home safe from electrical overload but also dangerous electrical fires. WDS Electric Inc will go over which model best suits your home’s electrical load needs and where new circuits should be added while safely allowing extra spaces within the panel for adding extra circuit breakers if needed. Our years of experience allow us to get your panel upgrade project done quickly and safely.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of an electrical service panel upgrade with WDS Electric Inc:

  • A must for home electrical overload prevention
  • New electric efficiency can lower your electric bill
  • Allow for future circuits or solar panel upgrades
  • Supports the power needs of electric cars
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